Monday, July 26, 2010


Today I did something that I haven't done in over two years! I rode a bicycle by myself: not a tandem bike or one with tethers and a physical therapist holding on -- I RODE A BICYCLE ALL BY MYSELF!
My dear friend Sandy L. rode her bicycle alongside mine, gave me incredible words of encouragement and support, as well as was our guide and traffic monitor.
After circling Sandy's neighborhood a few times, we stopped by Lakeside Church to say hi to the staff there.
After that fun stop, we went to Berger Physical therapy to see some of the staff there that worked with me and helped get me to this point. I told them when I left that I would ride by some day to say hello -- this was the day!
Then came lunch and a call to Dian at Beretta P.T. -- the group that has been vital in getting me to this point. Dian was very encouraged and excited about receiving the call.
There were times while riding that I could not take the smile off my face. It felt very good to be on the bike. I still have some work to do, but it is amazing (besides being a miracle) how far I have come.
Just thought I'd share the good news with you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I now need too be consistently aware of: my schedule (to not over do it and make sure I get some rest), eating healthier (more fresh fruits & veggies), exercising consistently, working on my brain games (my Sudoku puzzle solving has improved dramatically) and such.

I am continuing to re-learn: how to ride a bicycle on my own; in taking initiative with my friends and other acquaintances.

I always wear my helmet when I bicycle, as well as realize it is important for me not to hit my head -- at any time.

I guess it is like an alcoholic or drug addict who has chosen to live a life of sobriety: one day at a time. Choosing recovery and abstinence from the things that would block one's recovery and sobriety. I choose brain injury recovery and what that entails.

I AM A BRAIN INJURY SURVIVOR! I am incredibly grateful for the miraculous healing that God has enabled me to experience.

I want to help, encourage, and support other brain injury survivors, their families, and caregivers.

Though I don't know what that will exactly like, I am trying to take steps in that direction. In fact, today I get to volunteer at Mercy General Hospital in the Acute Rehab Dept. and help those who are helping others to recover from the trauma they have experienced -- as they helped me two year ago!

Is it ever fast enough? Probably not in our timing. I continue to learn that my timing and God's timing can be very different, but He does have a plan and He is at work!


Is our 'healing' ever fast enough? Whether we are trying to get over a cold; experience healing of a sprained ankle; or whatever type of healing we're waiting for -- even recovering from a brain injury -- do these things ever take place in the time frame we have set in our minds?

Okay, I admit, sometimes they do, but what about those things that seem to linger on?

I asked my therapists yesterday how long I would be considered to be in recovery. (At this point in time, it has been just over two years since I received my injuries and began my recovery.) The answer: the rest of my life.

The answer did not surprise me, but it is the reality of my new normal, of my life.

Recovery for me has adapted and progressed. I am not relearning and/or practicing how to walk, eat, talk, or sustain my balance. Though I still can be challenged with my balance, it is much better then it used to be.

I allow myself to get discouraged sometimes by the deficiencies I still see in my life, but I am very encouraged when I look at them in light of where I have come from! It truly is a miracle that God has done in my life. God brought me from being close to death and allowing more life on earth -- and to be a productive member of society too!

I am grateful to God for who He is and all that He has done -- and is doing!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whatcha' Up To?

I am often asked by people what I am doing? Since I don't have a job I go to every day, I guess it is a good question. To me though, I often don't feel like I am doing very much. Especially compared to my friends who have a family, responsibilities, jobs outside the home, and such. The reality is that I am still involved in my recovery, I'm volunteering, and I am trying to re-connect with friends. Here is my latest of what I am doing (in case you were wondering):
Each morning: begins with my Bible reading, prayer, some journalling, book reading, Bible verse memory, and usually a crossword or Sudoku puzzle (that is part of my brain injury recovery work).
Volunteering at Mercy General Hospital: Once a week I am at MGH in the Acute Rehab Dept. It is great to be back there to help those who helped me, as well as to encourage patients and their families.
P.A.R.T.Y.: Helping with Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth. A very good organization that is communicating to high school students in the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area.
Writing: I am writing about my being crashed into by a car and my recovery. The writing is helping my recovery too.
Bicycling: I am working on getting back on a bicycle. My P.T., Tom, has been incredible in working with me to get back on a bike. We've come a long way and there is a tad to go yet, but we are getting there!
Re-connecting with friends: I am trying to get together with others over a meal, cup of coffee, or other fun stuff.
Attending Church at Lakeside: Lakeside and my Lakeside family are very important to me and have been an incredible piece of my recovery.

Okay, that is some of what I am up to. Life is different, but it is good. The changes have taken awhile to adapt to; in some cases I am still adapting, but God has been very good to me.