Saturday, November 7, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

After I awoke from my coma and began to comprehend and understand things a little better, and was eventually released from the hospital, I realized that much had changed around me - or there were at least some things I didn't (and still don't) remember.

I would ask a friend, "When did that building go up?" Her answer was most often "While you were sleeping." I heard that answer more than once.

Though our bodies and/or our minds might 'stand still,' the world does not. Things continue to move forward. Life doesn't necessarily wait around for us.

I was sitting in church one weekend and all the songs we sang seemed 'new' to me. Our church hired a new worship pastor. I didn't know if these were new songs that he introduced to us or if I just didn't remember them. I think it was a little of both. They are terrific songs, but it felt weird not knowing them. I didn't seem to engage as well as I had in the past.

At a recent service I realized that I knew all the songs! Some of the songs have been around a little while, but others were those that I had learned over the past few months.

3G Networks
Another thing that I have needed to find out about is all this 3G network stuff with mobile phones. What was that all about? I began to look on-line and found out that it has to do with higher speeds and performance, as well as easy access and high speed mobile broadband . . . something like that.

It still doesn't make much sense to me, but I began thinking that I have come up with a 3C Network!

3C Networks
What is a 3C Network you might ask? Well, for me, I became aware of this while learning to ride a tandem bicycle. There is at least 3 C's to be aware of:

CENTERED: Be centered was one of my first requirements. I wasn't supposed to lean to the right or the left, but to remain centered behind the lead rider, Tom. I would focus on the center of Tom's back and try to remain in that position, even as we turned corners. Having ridden a tandem bike with Tom four times now, that has gotten easier.

COMMUNICATION: Communication has been vital and Tom has been a terrific communicator. He will tell me where my pedals need to be positioned, when to pedal, when he is sifting gears, when and what way we are turning, when we're stopping and when we were going to go over a bump. He communicated very important things to me and it has made our rides that more more enjoyable.

CELEBRATION: Though I think there are C's that make a good ride on a tandem bicycle, my final C is celebration. Last week two of the women on my bicycling team brought their bikes and joined Tom and me on our ride. Our ride was the furthest we had gone. It was terrific to have my friends with me on the ride. They were very excited and celebrated with me being on a bike again.

One of my friends with us was Kathy. Kathy was the other woman who was hit by the same car I was. This was the first time we've ridden together since our accident in June 2008. It was a joyous celebration!

Those C's have something to do with higher speeds and performance. I have now ridden the furthest I have since my accident. It feels so good to be on a bicycle again.

Though I am thankful for Tom's leadership, I am extremely grateful to God for His healing, His grace, His love, and His care. As well, these 3 C's are important in the spiritual realm, too.

CENTERED: Keeping focused on God. Life has been a bit challenging at times for me and hasn't made a lot sense at times, but as I put my focus back on God and off my circumstances, it makes a world of difference.

COMMUNICATION: Prayer and reading the Bible are ways in which God and I communicate. Though God doesn't give all the answers, He does reassure me of His presence and that He does have a plan.

CELEBRATION: Worshipping God, celebrating Him, and focusing on all that He has done is an opportunity to honor God for who He is and what He has done. It also helps in keeping one centered and keeping those communication lines open.

While I was sleeping life went on. There are things that I am beginning to recognize and remember. It is a good journey to be able to be on.

Whether it is 3Gs or 3Cs, whether it is new songs or familiar songs, it is great to be awake and to be able to enjoy life - the new things and the familiar things.