Friday, February 20, 2009

Living with TBI

I guess it's about "blog time" again. I've been pretty inconsistent, but I'm working on it. This has been a good week, with not a lot new going on.

Last week was excellent as my sister came to hang out with me for a week. It was very good to see her. Theresa got a little glimpse of my world, as she was able to take me to a couple of appointments. It was unfortunate to see her leave, but I know she has a busy life to live in Washington.

One of the interesting events that happened was my friend, Vickie, and I were interviewed for an article in the Village Life newspaper (a small local paper in my neck of the woods.) The reporter did a very nice job with the article.

I continue to be involved with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Support Group. I think there are six or seven of us who have each experienced a TBI. I am the most recent recipient, but it is encouraging to interact with others who have experienced some of the same challenges that I am experiencing. Sometimes this is a lonely journey, though I have wonderful people supporting and encouraging me.

I have not been cleared to go back to work yet, though the doctor appointment that I need to have looks like it should be set soon. One of the major words in my life - thought no always followed well - is the word "patience." Things just take longer, as well as appointments aren't always when I'd like them to be. It really is okay, as I'm probably trying to push things a little quickly.

Recently I have been reminded that this healing/recovery process will take at least a year. With that, my life will probably begin looking a bit different. Now, I don't know what that all means, but part of it has to do with 'adaptation,' learning to adapt to life after experiencing a major brain injury.

One of the things coming down the road is the sentencing of the young woman who hit my friend, Kathy, and I. The woman pleaded guilty to a couple of charges and will be sentenced on March 2. Please keep me in your prayers as I will have an opportunity to speak at the sentencing. I think I'm doing okay with this, but I do know it is on my mind a lot.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Still a Long Road!

Recovery continues . . . but it is a process not necessarily according to my timetable. One of the lessons I have learned over these months is that things won't necessarily happen when I want them to, but God is in control and his timing is perfect.

My rehab is almost complete . . . for now - I have the option to return after taking a little break. Even though I really enjoyed those who have served me there, I am going to be glad when this is finished. I am not back at work, and I'm not driving my car, or riding my bike yet. I need to take a special battery of tests that will help my doctors figure out timing on those things. So . . . I wait.

In the meantime, I'm walking a couple of miles everyday, riding my incumbent bike and getting stronger all the time. My sister, Theresa, will be coming for a visit next week, and I'm looking forward to seeing her! 

A few weeks ago, the young woman who hit me, and my friend, Kathy, pled guilty to the charges against her. Her sentencing will be the first week of March. I'm happy the court stuff is coming to an end. I'm happy I'm seeing less doctors. I'm happy my medications are being reduced. These are all good things, but the process still isn't complete. My recovery will probably still continue for a while and the "post-accident" Kathi is trying to adapt to new schedules and new ways of doing some things.

I continue to pray for patience and grace, and God will provide!