Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adapting and Adjusting to Change

Change is tough sometimes, isn't it? We become comfortable, settled, familiar, pleased and a lot of other things when we live life.

As we recognize and commemorate the anniversary of 9-11, our country has gone through much change these past years as a result of a terrorist attack on our country.

When my parents passed away: my dad in 1979 and my mom in 1999, there needed to be tremendous adapting and adjusting to the changes to my family.

As I have had the opportunity to work within Christian ministry positions, sometimes requiring to move to a different state, there was the need to adapt and adjust to the changes my life experienced and places that I lived: Chicagoland, Seattle, and California are different places.

When I sustained life threatening and life changing injuries as a result of being hit by a car, there has been, and continues to be, the need to adapt and adjust to the changes my life has (and continues to) experience. Sometimes it is hard and frustrating. Sometimes it has felt like I am learning something again for the very first time.

Having gone on permanent disability, I have needed to adapt and adjust to a life that does not (and likely will not) work at a job again. HUGE ADAPTATION AND ADJUSTING to that change.

Have all these changes been bad? No, but they required me to recognize that life was/is different: the differences required (and are requiring) adaptations and adjustments to be made. As God so often does, He works good out of challenging things that happen.

If I wouldn't adapt or adjust, life would be lived in the past and in much denial: neither being healthy. As well, I would miss out on the opportunities, growth, and all that God wants to give to me in the midst of the changes.

I am grateful that God gives us the power, the ability, the grace, and all that is needed to adapt and adjust to change.

The other very cool thing is that GOD NEVER CHANGES, so we will never have to adapt or adjust to that.