Monday, February 6, 2012


New beginnings are interesting, aren't they? They can hold much expectancy, adventure, opportunities, and more. They can also hold much unknown, depending upon the new beginning we have entered into. A week ago I entered into a new beginning that holds plenty of expectancy, adventures, opportunities, and more.

Though new beginnings hold plenty of new stuff, it is not bad because it is new. It is likely to hold things that are different, because they are different it doesn't mean it is bad or wrong -- just different. That can take some getting used to, adapting and adjusting, as well.

On Saturday, January 28 I began a new beginning of living in a new state, a new community, and a new apartment. Each of those new things hold their own level of adjustment and adaptation. I have begun the adapting process and though I have had a hiccup or two, the adapting and adjusting is progressing.

Living in a new state, like Washington, is very different then living in California. The obvious initial difference is the weather. It is cooler and damper here. Now, being born and raised in Washington state, I was fully aware of that difference, but it will take a little time to re-adapt to this change. I do have to say that since arriving the weather has been mostly sunny, partly cloudy, but a tad cooler...enough about the weather.

Everett is a new community to me. It is large: over 100,000 people live in Everett. The layout is different; my apartment is located in a nice area, but there is still much to explore and discover. It is different then El Dorado Hills.

My apartment is nice, but I am sharing it with my brother Jack and his cat, Shade. That too is taking adapting and adjusting. The four of us are doing well and working through the things we come across to work through.

I am in the process of finding a church to attend. This will take some time, but can be a good process to work through. I learned some of the things I am looking for in a church while still in EDH, so I am applying those things here. The church I visited yesterday was nice.

Locating things such as gas stations, grocery stores, and such are on my to do list. I did find a bike shop yesterday that I stopped into. It was a nice store and I was able to get a bike trail map.

God has been faithful to provide for my various needs in the various communities I have lived. God has been and will continue to be faithful to meet my needs here -- because that is who God is -- HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL.