Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Next Step

Throughout this journey along the road of recovery, there have been plenty of next steps. Some of those steps may have seemed small and others have seemed quite large. The next step is quite large.

A few months ago I began pondering and praying about a possible move. Well, a decision regarding a move has been made: I will be moving back to my home state of Washington. Though this is a big move, I am at peace about it and looking forward to being near my family again.

There were a couple of reasons to go in this direction and it was the right direction to take. I will miss living in El Dorado Hills. I have been here nearly 6 years and have wonderful friends, incredible doctors and rehab therapists, I am attending a tremendous church, and I have had some great volunteering opportunities.

My scheduled date of departure is January 27. In the meantime, I am finishing up my volunteering, going through my things: packing, repacking, and donating some items, visiting friends, and I have a things to do before I leave CA list started.

Friends will be making the trip with me, which I am incredibly grateful for.

I will try to keep this blog as updated as possible, as progress to making this next step takes place. Though it feels good to leave, it will also be hard to leave. Living and working here has been a tremendous time in my life. Thanks to all who have been a part of my life here, you have been awesome!