Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Approaching Easter brings my heart and mind to much reflection for all God has done for me, including the cross He died on for me over 2,000 years ago. Here are a few things:
For the miraculous healing of my brain! By what I have heard of what my brain has gone through, it shouldn't be working like it is. Praise God!
The love, grace, strength, mercy, forgiveness and all that God has blessed me with.
I recently memorized Chapter 13 of I Corinthians and I am working on my next passage of Scripture! (The Scriptures are incredible to be able to remember.)
For God's provision for my needs.
To be able to read and write. I've begun to write down words regarding this journey of accident and recovery.
This may sound like a funny one, but my ability to do Sudoku and Crossword puzzles. They are part of my recovery homework. I get so excited when I see the accomplishment.
To be able to speak/teach at Stepping Stones (Lakeside women's Bible study) a few weeks ago.
To be helping with P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol And Risk Related Trauma in Youth).
To be able to ride a bike (tandem bike) in the organized ride this weekend at Party Pardee.
Lastly, but one of the most important, for the incredible support of my family and friends. A TBI survivor cannot make this journey alone: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU!

I hope that gives you an idea of the miracles that continue to be a part of my life. God has been incredibly good and gracious to me.
I hope you have an opportunity to celebrate Him with others this weekend at an Easter service.

Blessings, Kathi

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Retreat and More

Last weekend I had an opportunity to attend Lakeside Church's women's retreat. It was held at Zephyr Cove on Lake Tahoe. It was a tremendous weekend. Here are a few things I walked away with:
One, the speaker, Janice, did a tremendous job talking about companionship with God, as well as addressing barriers that can get in the way.
Secondly, the worship band did a great job in helping us worship God and connect with Him through music.
Third, I got to spend some wonderful time with my friend Shannon and getting to know her better. As well to connect with others from Lakeside.
The entire weekend provided the opportunity to be inspired, encouraged, as well as connect with God. I think God was showing me some things to take note of.
A very cool thing was that this was my first trip back to Zephyr Cove since the 2008 women's retreat. It's interesting, because I have a little bit of amnesia, and the first thing I can remember on my own is that retreat in '08. It was a great retreat with a fabulous speaker: I am so glad that I am able to remember it.
Also, my friend Shannon and I went snow shoeing. It was my first time. We went nearly 3 miles. I was tired, but enjoyed it a lot!
What's Next:
The weekend of April 2-4 is a big one for me:
First, it is Easter weekend. Easter is my favorite holiday, so it will be a joy to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. If you live in the Folsom, CA area and don't have a church to attend, come to Lakeside. We're having services all weekend long.
Second, it is my adorable niece Emma's birthday on April 4. It is hard to believe she is going to be 12.
On Saturday the 3rd, I am going on my first organized bike ride in over 2 years. I am riding on the tandem bike and we're participating in Party Pardee. The length of the ride we signed up for is about 110k (65 miles!) I even rode my "clip on bike shoes" for the first time since my accident last week. Am I nervous? A little, but I am also excited about the chance to do this; it speaks loudly of God's miraculous and tremendous healing of my body and my brain.
I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.
That's it for now, but I will add a little something in the next day or so, as this is long enough for now.
Blessings to you!