Thursday, May 17, 2012

THE BIRTHDAY RIDE Today has been a wonderful birthday day for me. For my birthday, I decided that I wanted to ride my bike again. I have not ridden my bike since leaving California. As well, I have not ridden by myself since I was injured. That is over 4 years ago. To ride with someone isn't an option right now, as I don't know anyone to ride with. I selected a short route near my apartment. It basically resembled a large square, like going around the block, but bigger. It was about 3-1/2 miles and there are hills on two sides of the route. I chose the route that would enable me to ride down the steepest portion, the ride up the hill I chose was more of a good incline. It took me about 25 minutes to go my route. I'm not fast on my bike, but I am on my bike! I was excited (I left earlier then I planned), I was a tad nervous, and I was a little chilly too. The ride began in the cool weather, but I warmed up quickly on the ride. One fear was to not be able to ride the entire route, as I'm not in great shape right now. That wasn't a problem, though I had a game plan: to get off my bike and rest, if I did. I did need to stop by my apartment when I returned, as I needed to wait for some cars before crossing the street. No problems there, and then I made it back home. It felt good to be on my ride. There was one area on the route where I needed to be extra careful, due to large trucks/semi's parked on the side of the road. There is enough room for the trucks to be there, but they did take up my bike lane. I needed to make my way into the car lane to avoid the trucks. The bike and I made it by them just fine! I am very pleased with my accomplishment today, in fact, I might just go out on my bike again tomorrow!