Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Problem Solving

One evening I was sitting at Safeway w/a rehab specialist I had while at Mercy. She lives in EDH too, so we got together for a cup of coffee.

I needed to purchase something, as I did at the self-checkout counter, I ran into a couple of hinderances. The woman working at the site where I was, verbally walked me through what I needed to do.

As i went to sit down, my friend made some encouraging comments about what she saw that I did problem solving wise. I was incredibly encouraged by her observations. I don't think I would have put the same thoughts down.

When my friend was observing me, she was watching me through a rehab specialists eyes. She was seeing things that I may not normally catch.

Problem solving has been a slow come back during this recovery journey, but I am seeing it more and more. This morning, I was able to solve a problem at my apartment. I was very excited and was pleased that I also saw it for what it was: a problem solved.

Recovery is a slow process. It involves patience and perseverance. It involves getting excited about what others may take for granted. It involves pushing on. It involves celebrating the "little things" -- which aren't so little in a brain injured survivors world.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are hearing more about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in the news these days. The situations are unfortunate, but the awareness of TBIs is beginning to get out there more. That makes me very happy.

Whether it was a Congresswoman who was shot, a participant on American Idol whose fiance sustained a TBI, or the woman I spoke at the grocery store the other evening whose son has a TBI, or even the seven members of my extended family (including myself) who have sustained a TBI or an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury.)

Brain Injuries are very much a part of our culture. The needs are great and I am encouraged to be a part of trying to bring more exposure and resources to this important need.

As I have been walking through my recovery, I am grateful for how God has healed and sustained me. And though my recovery is not complete, I am also thankful that I am having the opportunity to help a little. It does seem so small and I wonder sometimes how significant my help can really be with such a tremendous need.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Love God

As I have had the opportunity to walk this road of recovery from injuries I sustained two years ago, I think I am more in love with God today then I was before I sustained my injuries.

God is a loving God who is faithful, caring, compassionate, forgiving, merciful. He has watched over my life in incredible ways. He has given me opportunities I wasn't sure I would have again.

Today I had the opportunity to speak at Lakeside Church's women's Bible Study Stepping Stone. It was a terrific opportunity to share about our loving, hope giving, faithful God. The Promiser keeps His promises.

Praise You God!