Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year!

It seems weird to already by saying that . . . it's the New Year already? Having been slowed down for six months, I guess that has enabled the year to seem to go by quicker. I'm grateful for 2008 as I had wonderful opportunities and blessings connected with my job, with my incredible family and friends, and even the unexpected: a white Christmas!

I was able to fly to Seattle during Christmas week to stay with my sister and her family. Before boarding my plane, we were already aware that a snow storm hit the area. My flight wasn't hampered at all, but we did have plenty of snow during the week. There aren't too many white Christmases in Seattle, but they're beautiful when they come.

My sister was the only one of my immediate family who had seen me since I'd left the hospital in August, so it was fun and encouraging for all of them to see me since I'm doing so much better. It was a relaxing week - I got plenty of rest and I felt good all week. What a blessing!

Now it is back to finishing up my apartment to move in soon; rehab appointments (not too many of those remaining); and volunteering at my church. I feel rested and re-energized: grateful for the birth of Christ and thankful to be heading into 2009.



Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Celebration!

What a weekend! Our church held it's annual event for women to encourage them during the Christmas season. Delicious food, music, and a speaker made up the program. This year's speaker, Shauna Niequist,  was tremendous. She is the author of the wonderful book entitled "Cold Tangerines." Her message encouraged, challenged and inspired me.

Another exceptional aspect of the weekend was the great job the team did putting on the program. It was tough for me at times while in the hospital, and not having a part in the planning and preparation. But the team of women did a fabulous job - it was a great event.

Next is Christmas! I'm going to Seattle to visit my sister and her family for a few days over the holiday. It will be a blessing to see them!

  • Therapy - My physical therapy is completed, but I have a couple more occupational and speech therapy appointments.
  • Work - I'm still not back to work, but hopefully soon. I have a doctor's appointment soon with the Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor, and hopefully a plan will be determined at that appointment.
  • Apartment - Slowly getting things put away and organized in the new pad. I have stayed there on night, but most likely won't be staying there until the fist of next month. My cat, Spike, has been making himself right at home . . . he has run of the place (but to be honest, he always has).
  • Encouragement - I continue to be encouraged by the many prayers, words of encouragement and support that people have extended to me. It truly has been a gift and blessing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The family I'm staying with is wonderful and they are tremendous cooks as well. Therefore my day was marked by a delicious meal with wonderful people. I also spoke with my sister and tried to connect with my brother, as well.

I had an appointment with one of my surgeons last week who had operated on me, but whom I don't quite remember meeting. (I don't remember much from "the early days" of my accident.)

This doctor was my Orthopedic surgeon. He looked at my leg he had operated on and I believe he said it was "beautiful." Now, I don't think I had thought of it as beautiful ("interesting" maybe) but honestly, that was good to hear. The leg is healing nicely - Yahoo!

I also had an appointment with my dentist who did a tremendous job of fixing the couple of teeth that had been chipped in the accident. They, too, look beautiful.

In my previous blog, I listed some things that I'm thankful for - I really am thankful to God for many things. My healing body is a biggie. No, it is more than my "healing body," it really is the fact that God has been healing my body. I'm thankful for life and that God enabled me to have more life here.

Also, plans were finalized for me to be in Seattle for a few days over Christmas (that is another Yahoo!) to see my family. Then this morning (Sunday) was yet another Yahoo! as I was at my church once again.

Though I don't get to move back home quite yet, another Yahoo! is that some of my friends from Folsom and El Dorado Hills moved my things from the apartment I was living in to my new apartment. Because my walking and balance have been affected by my accident - and I did live on the second floor of my apartment complex - I was able to get a bottom floor apartment in the same complex.

My friends moved my stuff out of the old and into the new AND cleaned my old apartment! What a tremendous gift and blessing. I was a tad nervous if it all could be done by Sunday, but it was completed Saturday. Honestly, I have an incredible community of people that I am connected with and I could not have walked through this challenging time without them. Yahoo!

Okay, there is at least one more Yahoo! this week. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday my church is holding an event, The Womens Christmas Celebration, featuring author Shauna Niequist. She wrote the delightful book entitled "Cold Tangerines." I really enjoyed the book and I'm really looking forward to meeting her and hearing her speak . . . . yes . . . Yahoo!

I hope that you are experiencing your own slew of Yahoos! You know what I'm 'slowly' finding out about life? Yahoos! in life can be found in unsuspecting places. I've been walking through a challenging time in my life, but I've been blessed in many ways. God can bring Yahoos! out of challenging times. The Scriptures, God's words to us, tell us that God works all things together for good. That doesn't mean all things are good, but God can bring good out of the bad.