Monday, September 5, 2011

The Recovery Journey

Life can feel crazy at times, can't it? For me, pre-injury-wise, life would periodically feel crazy; that was usually out of my own choosing. Post-injury-wise, life has often felt crazy. Some things I just cannot do the same, at this point in time. I am slower mentally, in decision making, and physically.

There are some things that take me longer to comprehend and understand. There are some things I am just not getting at this point in my recovery.

I don't say those things for people to feel sorry for me, but because they're reality. I don't say them because there has not been incredible healing and progress: because THERE HAS BEEN those things.

God has been very gracious to me. The capacity in which I am able to function is miraculous. The reality though is that recovery continues and it can be discouraging and difficult. It may not look difficult to others, as many people face some of the same sort of challenges i do and move forward with them.

I am seeing now that the deficits that remain slow me down a bit and make some things, that seem to me should be much easier, more difficult.

The recovery process is a journey. I am grateful to be on this journey. And I am grateful I do not walk this journey alone: my Faith in God, my Family, and my Friends keep walking with me.