Monday, October 24, 2011


Progress is very important, though sometimes we can miss it.

There was a time that progress in my recovery was very evident, as the injuries were so severe. My healing has been miraculous and I praise God for the Healer that He is. Healing and recovery are still coming my way, but sometimes it is not as evident, even to me.

Yesterday at church was a lovely reminder. There are songs that I sing in church where I love to close my eyes so that I can meditate even more so on the words that I am singing. Three years ago I could not close my eyes if I wanted to sing the songs, because I could not remember the words to the songs that I knew I knew.

As I was singing yesterday the remembrance of that reality came to me and it made me smile, because I was singing songs with my eyes closed. Yesterday was not the first time I remembered this reality in my recovery, but it is the first time (I think) that I shared it.

Progress sometimes has come in small steps, but they have come in steps that are headed in the right direction. I want to keep my focus on the progress, no matter how big or small the steps. My therapist Dodie reminded me early on in recovery to celebrate the little things. Actually, the little things are much bigger then they may appear to us.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Wisdom of Friends

I experienced something very cool this week. I really believe that I had an opportunity to experience God's love, concern, and His watching over me. God used people in my life to demonstrate those things to me.

I am riding in an 'organized ride' with one of my cycling teams, Team Revolutions, tomorrow. The entire ride is 72 miles from El Dorado Hills (where I live) to a place in Sacramento. I have heard great things about this ride and all that is connected with it. I really wanted to ride this ride. It would be the longest I have ridden in over a year.

A couple of my friends had concerns about the distance, I wasn't riding with a specific person, the potential of riding in the bike lanes on the road, and just not quite being there emotionally about my riding again. These are legit concerns, but I wanted to ride the ride.

As I stopped by Team Revs headquarters I spoke with a friend, Dian, who works there. She was encouraged about my desire and willingness to ride. After I left, she shared with Mike about me going. Mike called me and he shared some of his concerns with me about the distance and some other aspects. Again, very legit and wise words.

After speaking with Mike, I called Dian. I shared with her the things that Mike shared with me, including asking Dian to ride with me. Dian agreed. We made adjustments to the ride from Mike's suggestions and we're scheduled to ride together tomorrow.

I believe that God helped to orchestrate these conversations, as well to give each of my friends the courage to share their concerns and love for me. Their input, which all lined up with one another, was why I changed my mind.

I am grateful that my friends shared their concerns with me and their graciousness to me. I experienced wonderful love and care through them. I am excited about riding with Dian and seeing all the other Team Revs riders on the trail. As well, we won't ride the complete 72 miles, but I am grateful that I can ride a bike again.

I am grateful for God's love and concern for me. He helped to guide my steps to a wise conclusion. I did not feel pressured in any way, but felt people's love for me. Good thing I woke up to the reality to a wise decision to make.

Thanks Friends!