Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Latest

My brain injury has healed significantly, but there are still challenges. I struggle at times with my memory, predominantly my short term memory. I've come up with a slogan: "Say it, Write it, Do it." (That will help things sink in.)
I seek to work on things that can help in strengthening my brain: reading, writing, and working Sudoku and Crossword puzzles. I've been challenged in problem solving; one day I realized that Sudoku helps in my problem solving area.
I'm also memorizing Bible verses and just completed chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians. I work on reviewing those verses and I am going to begin on another passage.
I'm working on strategies to help me remember. Part of that includes writing more things down and being consistent in my scheduling each day.
I've also found out that rest if very important, as I am still challenged in my stamina. Eating well is also important and trying to alleviate stress in my life.
When I am tired, hungry, and/or stressed my brain has greater challenges.
I am back on a bicycle again -- a tandem (2 person) bike. It has been great. I've been nervous just a couple of times. I have been encouraged at seeing the progress, strength, and stamina. It has felt good being on a bike again.
Tom, my physical therapist who has got me back on the bike, is also helping me with exercises and gym equipment to help with my balance, strength, and stamina. So if we're not on the bike, we're in the gym. I also am riding a stationary bike and my goal is to ride that bike every day.
On April 3, Tom and I will be riding in an organized ride. We're signed up for the 65 mile segment. Tom has ridden this route numerous times and is very confident that we will do well.
I've been getting a bit more serious and focused on some writing. Numerous people have encouraged me to write about my accident and recovery.
I hope that this will encourage others who have experienced challenging times, especially brain injury survivors. It can be a long and lonely journey.
There is hope, even if at times it doesn't feel or look like it.
God is Faithful!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FEBRUARY 18, 2010

My blogging has not been as consistent as I would like, but I'll go ahead and update things.
On The Road (bike) Again
I've been riding on a road bike again, but at this point in time it is a tandem (2 person) bike. It has been an interesting, fun, energizing and a good ride. My lead rider, Tom, has been a good leader and teaching me a lot.
Tom and I are signed up to ride in the Party Pardee Ride that takes place in Ione on April 3. We're signed up for the 110k (65 mile) ride. Tom seems quite confident that we can do this ride. Tom has ridden it numerous times himself and really likes it.
I am excited and a little nervous. I've ridden distances like this before, but after nearly two years of not riding it will take some adjusting. We're training well, so it should go find.
You Said What?!
What that title refers to is that I had an opportunity to teach/speak at Stepping Stones (Lakeside Church's women's Bible study) a week ago. Again, nervousness and excitement were a couple of my feelings, since it had been about two years since I taught last. I had a wonderful time and the women were incredibly encouraging. It was a great experience.
What Now?
I'm continuing to work on recovery stuff. I am currently not cleared to ride a bike "solo" yet, but am continually working towards that. I'm working on my writing, as well as I am trying to keep up on some reading. I'm not leading a small group, but I am attending the Fallon's small group that has been an incredible experience.
Oh yah, and for lent (which began yesterday) I am not eating sweets, desserts for the next 40 days.
I am doing well, though I still am challenged with my stamina and get tired fairly easy. My body is feeling better, though I have some aches and pains (which might be my side kicks for some time.)
I am grateful to God for His healing, for His grace, for His incredible love, and His unending care.