Friday, September 28, 2012


Flying into Sacramento's airport on Thursday afternoon, I looked out my window and began to ponder my visit. It felt wonderful to be returning to see my friends. I was in need of a friend-fix, so this was going to be a week filled with that fix being met.

I also recognized that this was not my home any longer and I was at peace with that feeling. Everett was now my home and I was going to visit friends.

I am grateful for that peace. I did not want to move to Everett. I did not want to leave El Dorado Hills, but it was time to go.

The transition to Everett has taken awhile and there are transitions yet to be made, but it is my home now. I am grateful to emotionally be at this place, because I do not want to hold onto the past. I do not want to have my past hold me back from where I am suppose to be going.

Does that mean it is easy? Does it mean the future is mapped out for me on my GPS? Does it mean that I do not miss my friends any longer?

The answer to those questions and some other questions I have is no, but that does not mean yes was not the answer for me to leave EDH. They just mean that the reality in life is it is hard, there are tough choices to be made, and yet there is hope moving into the future.

I have learned a lot from my past. There have been plenty of times that I have had to move from locations where I have settled, had wonderful friendships, and enjoyed being where I was -- I felt at home. Then I needed to move. My time was up in those locations.

The outcomes were magnificent. New cities to be explored; new churches to attend; new people to meet and new friendships to be made. Needs were met. I settled in and was at peace.

Change is difficult, yet it can hold wonderful new adventures, opportunities, and chances to see and learn more.

As our borders are expanded, we ourselves are expanded. We grow, are transformed, learn and experience so much.

Evenmore so, we have an opportunity to experience the faithfulness of God. In each location I have lived, God has been faithful. I have had the opportunity to see God at work in my life and in the experiences He has allowed me to live.

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