Friday, July 6, 2012


This morning I took my cat, Spike, to the vet. He hasn't been quite himself, so I thought it would be good to get him checked out by the kitty doctor.

On this vet visit, Spike was feistier then he has been before at the vet's. They ended up keeping Spike until this afternoon, so they can get him calmed down (w/some drugs) and get some blood work done.

One of the things the kitty doctor told me, was that Spike is probably dealing w/ a lot of stress: the move, the new roommates (including a kitty), a kidney issue he is having, living in a new place without being able to go outside, and now even a new doctor.

STRESS: I thought I was the only one adjusting to a new move, new roommates, new adjustments, new doctors, and adapting to new things. Nope, it's not just me, but apparently Spike too.

Stress is a crazy thing and sometimes we might not realize that is what we're dealing with: whether it is ourselves; if married, a spouse; if you have kids, their stress; friends, roommates, and whoever else.

There are a couple things that I will be able to do with Spike and hopefully, time too, will help him out. This has caused me to take a look at things in my own life and see how I am handling the stress of the transition. What do I need to do for myself differently? How might I be able to handle some of the adjustments and new adaptations differently?

I will talk to my brother too, so that he will know what has been happening with Spike, as well as some of the things I might be doing due to my reactions to stress.

Hopefully the Spikester won't be too much of a handful for the vet and her staff, but then again, they do know that Spike has been under a bit of stress. They'll know how to handle him.

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